New Trailer Rules Info
Summery of the new Trailer Rules and Laws....
To help you understand the currant and new laws governing the use of trailers on Irish roads, we have out-lined some of the changes in a simplifed way that everyone can understand.
If you have bought a new trailer with a GVW of over 750kg since the 9th June 2011, it must be fitted with Brakes (Auto-Reversible Hubs (Not Hubs of an old car)) on all axles.
From the 29th Oct. 2012, all new trailers will have to have;  
1. Type Approval.
2. "Weight Plates" on all Axels.
3. Reversing Lights.
If you are building Trailers, please feel free to contact us and we will gladly try and advise you on how to get your trailers Type Approved or see info below.
Driving Licence...
If you have a B licance (which has a Max G.V.W of 3,500kgs), and you drive (Examples) 
1.A Nissan Almera, you can only tow a trailer with a G.V.W of 1,200kgs
2. A VW Passat, you can only tow a trailer with a G.V.W. of 1,500kgs
3. A Toyota Landcruser LWB (2750kgs GVW), you can only tow a trailer with a  G.V.W. of 750kgs
4. A Ford Transit with a G.V.W. of 3.5 tones, you are allowed to tow a trailer with a G.V.W. of up to 750kgs
If your towing Vehicle & Trailer together weights more than 3,500kgs you will need to get an EB Licence.
Note; If you are a "Driving Instructor" and thinking about buying a Box-Van Trailer of customers to do their EB Driving Test, the most suitable trailer (going by the Irish Ruals of the Road) we've come across is the Conway VT1500T10 Box Van Trailer. "Conway Trailers" 
  If you come across an other brand of trailer suitable of doing the EB Driving Test, please Email us.
Note; Trailer G.V.W. includes trailer and it's load.
Note; The typical 8x4 twin axel Builders Trailer & Cow Trailer will have a G.V.W of around 2,000kgs to 2.600kgs
Note; If you obtained your B Licence before 2001 and have not sat the Driver Theory Test, you will have to undergo the Driver Theory
Test in the Category BW in order to receive a learner permit in
Category EB and you can then sit the driving test.
If you have a B licence and fail the driving test in Cattegory EB, you will not lose your B licence.
For more information on Driving licences or to arrange a driving lesion, plaese contact Michael & Philip Rice of Advance Drive, Galway.(check out their web site here)
Understanding Weights
In the Photo below is a common vehicle VIN (Chassis) Plate which you can find either in the engine bay or on the door pillar. The two upper weights on the plate are the ones you need to calculate your trailers GVW. that you vehicle is allowed to tow.
The top weight value (2030KG) is the vehicles GVW (The weight of the vehicle).
The second weight value (3530KG) is called the Max "Combined Weight" (Vehicle & Trailer).
By Subtracting the Vehicle weight from the Combined Weight, you will get the Max G.V.W of Trailer your Vehicle can tow.
Please keep in mind that all Ball hitches have a Max weight limit of 3000 KGS (3 Ton).
To give you an idea how this effects the load that can be carried in a trailer, we can take your common Tri-axle Ifor William's Live Stock Trailer, model; TA510T 14’x7’ H/R (Tri Axle) GVW-3500kg Unladen Weight-1295kg. Taking the Max load on the ball hitch of 3,000kg this gives a max load capacity of 1705kg. In other words The most you can put in a Tri-axle Livestock Trailer is 3 cows or 3 2yr old bulks..
The Plate below is a VIN (Chassis) plate of a Type Approved Trailer. Note the Gross WT, this is the G.V.W. (Max loaded weight of the trailer), in this case the G.V.W. is 2600KG and would be too heavy for the Vehicle from which the VIN plate above comes from.
Another weight you need to keep note of is the Trailers "Max Nose Load (Weight)”. This is on the top right of the photo. The Value should be on all Couplings (Hitch). Common “Nose Weights” range from around 800kg for cars to 1500kg for 4X4’s.
Do you know what G.V.W. Trailer your car can tow? If not check out the link below to find out; (These are just a guide as car models will differ because of different engine sizes, equipment etc).
Building a new Trailer?
Are you planning to or building trailers?
Do you know about Type Approval?
As of June 2011, all new trailers over 750kg GVW, sold in Ireland should be equipped with Type Approval Braking Systems.
From the 29th October 2012 all new trailers must be Type Aproved.
To give you an idea what Type Approval is all about, take a look at Mark Evans in a Car is Born "Link"
Why we need Type Approval?
The Good Reason; Millions of €, $ & £ are spent every day by car manufartours to make cars safer for the drivers, passangers and pedestrians.
All that money is waisted the minute we couple or hitch an non-
Type Approved trailer on the back.
The Bad Reason; It's going to cost trailer owners a lot of money to up-grade their trailers to this new standard. But, if it saves at least
one life it will be worth the pain. 
If you are building a new trailer you will need to send Photo's (of the Axel, Coupling, Tyres & the Trailer Body), Drawings and an IVA Application Form (The Document Below) and send them to the NSAI in Dublin.
The NSAI will access your application (The NSAI charge per hour) and they will either approve your trailer or have you take it to be tested at one of twelve test centres located around the country (The test costs from €100 up)
It's advisable to buy your axels and couplings from the likes of Indespension, Ifor Williams or Genfitt agents or stockists. These Axles & Couplings will already have been Type Approved.
We are proudly working with
                                                           in a bid to make Irish Roads Safer for everybody
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